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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

Looking to take your students on an unforgettable field trip to Orlando? Getting a quote for charter bus rentals is easy. Simply decide on your Orlando destinations, number of passengers, and schedule. For example, let’s say you want to take 60 middle schoolers to Disney World and SeaWorld over 2 days. You’ll need a 56-passenger charter bus for the trip. At $150 per hour, you would rent the bus for 8 hours each day – from 8am to 4pm. That’s $1,200 per day, so $2,400 total for both days. Now divide by the number of passengers. For this Orlando charter bus rental, it comes out to only $40 per student. Pretty affordable! Especially when you factor in having a professional driver, luxury coaches with A/C, and door-to-door service. No need to hassle with multiple school buses or chaperone vehicles. Simply get your Orlando charter bus quote online and enjoy the convenience.

Example #2

A marketing director at a software company in Orlando plans an annual sales conference for 120 top performers across the U.S. He wants to arrange group transportation from the airport to the hotel, provide shuttles between conference sessions, and offer outings to local attractions like Disney World. To transport the large group, he rents three 56-passenger charter buses for the 3-day conference. The rental costs $165/hour per bus. He needs all 3 buses for airport transfers, estimating 2 hours each way with traffic. For daily shuttles during the conference, he needs 2 buses for 6 hours/day. Lastly, he rents all 3 buses again for a half-day group outing to Disney, totaling 5 hours round-trip. With all the hours added up, the total charter bus rental costs $9,900. He tips each driver 10% at $99 per bus. The total cost comes out to $10,998 to provide convenient, comfortable transportation for his team’s annual conference.

Example #3:

The West Orange High School football team is traveling from Winter Garden to Orlando for the state championship game. With 50 players, 5 coaches, and the team mascot, they need a bus that can transport 56 people comfortably. To keep the team together and ensure easy transportation on game day, they book a 56-passenger charter bus for the trip. The bus picks them up at 8 AM on game day and takes them from their school to the stadium in Orlando, then brings them back that evening by 10 PM. With a rate of $115 per hour and a total rental time of 14 hours, their total charter bus cost comes to $1,610. They tip their exceptional driver 10% for providing safe, timely transportation, adding $161 to the total. Getting the team to Orlando and back without having to coordinate dozens of carpools makes the charter bus rental an invaluable investment.

Example #4:

A youth group from a local church is planning a fun day trip to Orlando’s best attractions. There are 45 teens and chaperones that need transportation for the big day. To keep the group together and make travel easy, they decide to rent a charter bus. A 56 passenger charter bus is perfect for the group and comes equipped with comfortable seats, A/C, a bathroom, TVs and more. They book the bus for 10 hours to allow plenty of time to hit up Universal Studios, shop on International Drive, and visit Icon Park. At a rate of $140 per hour, their total for the Orlando charter bus rental comes to $1,400. With the bus holding everyone comfortably, the cost per person is only around $31. The youth pastor tips the professional driver 10% at the end of the excellent service, bringing their grand total to $1,540. The charter bus makes the day smooth, safe and affordable.

Example #5:

A couple is planning a destination wedding in Orlando. They expect about 150 guests to attend their nuptials, with most traveling from out of state. To transport their guests conveniently and comfortably, they decide to book charter bus rentals in Orlando for the weekend festivities. For the welcome dinner on Friday night, they rent two 56-passenger charter buses to shuttle guests staying at various hotels around Orlando to the restaurant. The charter bus company quotes them $165 per hour for each bus. They book the buses for 5 hours total—2 hours before the dinner for pickup and 3 hours during—for a total cost of $1,650 to cover transportation for all their out-of-town guests. On the big day, the couple rents 3 more 56-passenger charter buses to bring their guests from hotels to the ceremony and then the reception venue. They book the buses for 10 hours to allow time for multiple trips if needed. At the hourly rate of $165, the total for all 3 buses ends up being $4,950. Between the welcome dinner and wedding day, the total cost for their Orlando charter bus rentals comes out to $6,600. They happily pay it to ensure their loved ones can celebrate comfortably and safely. As a final touch, they tip each driver 10% for excellent service.

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